Greenhouse Permit

Purpose: Permit for a greenhouse.
Fee: $150.00 (completely refundable upon successful completion of construction and final ACC/ECC inspection). Must be submitted with permit application. Please note if check will be dropped off or mailed to the POA office.
NOTE: There is an automatic $250.00 fine for failure to obtain an ACC/ECC permit prior to construction.
Processing: ULLPOA Board approval required if shed or gazebo is to be constructed on an adjacent lot to a house lot, and/or if the shed or gazebo is a used structure. Allow 30 days for review process to complete.

* Greenhouses are not considered a “Dwelling House or Structure”, and therefore are not subject to the setback requirements outlined in Section 2(B)(b) of our Covenants. The Ogle County setback requirements for sheds and greenhouses are the same as this permit and are considered as acceptable minimums.

Since greenhouses were never officially allowed or approved in Lost Lake, any current structure being used as a greenhouse that does not conform to the specifics defined in this permit will not be grandfathered and will need to be removed immediately or face a fine.

    Here’s an excellent opportunity to thank the Ogle County Sheriff’s Office for helping to keep our community safe!
Tickets available at the
POA Office & Lake Court Center.
No foid card or don’t want the gun – that’s ok!
Cash alternative is an option with the cost of what the gun would cost.