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Q: Do you pull vehicles over like a police officer does?
A: No we do not. 
Q: If a guest of mine is caught violating the rules and regulations such as speeding do they get the violation or fine?
A: No.  The violation will go to the homeowner.  If a fine is assessed you can ask your guest to pay you to pay the fine.  All violations will go under a homeowner’s name.  Please remind your guests to follow the rules especially the speed limit and traffic control signs.
Q: Why is security not checking decals/guest passes at the lake?
A: Currently Security is not covered liability on RCD property.  We are in negotiations with the RCD to get back onto the property and trying to work out the details on how to do it legally and lawfully.  In the meantime Security still asks that all members display their decals or if they have allowed a guest to use the lake, to give them a Guest Pass and have them display it in their window.
Q: I found a dead deer in my yard that was killed by a hunter.  I thought there was no hunting in Lost Lake?
A: There is no hunting allowed in Lost Lake and most recently we have learned no hunting is allowed at the golf course, however in the surrounding area including parts inside RCD property specifically near the campground, bow hunting is allowed.  The shot could have been made in those areas and the animal walked out of the hunting area and died in another location which could have been your property.