Lost Lake Security
Security Phone number 815-973-4567 (leave a message)
Email lostlakesecurity@gmail.com
The speed limit is 20 MPH on all roads.  The roads are narrow with many curves. There are more kids riding bikes and walkers so
PLEASE keep to the limit.  All homeowners are responsible for YOUR guests.  Please remind them to watch their speed when they
visit you which include your teen visitors.
If the gate arms are up for any reason, the STOP SIGNS are still to be obeyed.  This is true for the entering through the exit or exiting
through the entrance unless you are directed otherwise.
Vehicles needing decals for the 2021 season need to be registered by March 1st 2021 and placed in the LOWER DRIVER SIDE
Security is to enforce the Rules and Regulations set by the POA. 
All criminal issues you should call the Ogle County Sheriff's Department first at 815-732-2136 or 911 if an emergency.  You may call
security next in case we can assist Ogle County Sheriff in anyway.
If you have an issue with your neighbor, Security suggests trying to communicate respectfully with your neighbor first.  Sometimes just
opening up a conversation goes a long way.
If you have a complaint or a security concern, please calls us at 815-973-4567.  Do not make a complaint to a board member.  Security
DOES NOT monitor ANY social media.  If you don’t call us, we don’t know about it.
Security DOES NOT monitor ANY social media.  Regardless if you do not like/approve of your Lost Lake Security, you do your
neighbor a disservice by not notifying Security or Local Law Enforcement directly.  If all you do is go onto your favorite social media
platform such as Nextdoor to complain about something. All you are doing is spreading gossip If you do not call us, we will not know
about it.  We have no issue about posting on your Social Network as long as you also include us.  If we feel it is relevant to post on our
BOLO list, we will post it.
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